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Take a Break with Flexi-Rest

When you’re the sole caregiver for a loved one, you carry a tremendous burden. No matter how committed you are to providing care, feeling exhausted and overwhelmed periodically is unavoidable. Now, thanks to Home Helpers, you can get a break from your duties with our Flexi-Rest program in Philadelphia.

With the Flexi-Rest program, we provide you with a short-term home care provider trained to deal with your loved one’s specialized care needs so you can get the break you need. Since your loved one is getting the same high level of care you strive to provide, you can relax and recharge with confidence. When you return to your caregiving role, you’ll feel energized and able to give your loved one the care he or she needs.

Flexi-Rest is just one of the programs Home Helpers offers to assist you in meeting the care needs of your aging loved one. For more information about the Total Care plan, Friendly Visit program, and other home care services, call (888) 627-6047.

Spotlight on the Flexi-Rest Program

Caregiving is very demanding, and everyone needs a break now and then. By taking a break from your responsibilities, you can get much needed rest so you can continue to provide the best care possible to your loved one. At Home Helpers in Philadelphia, our Flexi-Rest program is designed to let you take that respite. This video explains more.

With Flexi-Rest, we will provide a short-term caregiver so you can take a break. You get the benefit of rest and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your loved one is getting the specialized home care he or she needs.

If you’re interested in our Flexi-Rest program or any of our other services, such as our Care Check system, call Home Helpers today at (888) 627-6047. You can also find out more by exploring our website.

A Look at the Stages of Alzheimer's Disease

One reason why many families consider in-home care in Philadelphia is Alzheimer’s disease. With specialized home care, patients with Alzheimer’s can stay in familiar surroundings for longer while families get the support they need in caring for their loved one. If a loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, understanding the different stages of the disease will help you know what to expect and make important decisions about home care. Here is what you need to know about Alzheimer’s disease progression.

Stage One: Early Disease

During the first stage, the initial symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease appear. These may include frequently forgetting recent conversations or events and problems understanding language. A person in this stage may ask the same questions repeatedly and struggle to find the right words during conversations. Coordination problems may also occur, and driving may become difficult. Many patients experience depression and mood swings during this stage. Although each case is different, stage one typically lasts for between two and five years.

Stage Two: Middle Disease

Some patients can compensate for their impairments during stage one, but that is no longer possible during stage two. If they haven’t already, most patients need home care starting at this stage. Memory loss becomes more severe and impacts both short- and long-term memories. Patients need help navigating familiar surroundings and performing daily activities. They may also have delusions and exhibit uninhibited behavior. Stage two can last from two years to 10 years.

Stage Three: Late Disease

In the last stage of Alzheimer’s, patients require around-the-clock care. They may be unable to speak and will require help with eating and personal care. There may also be extreme mood swings and delirium.

Home Helpers can provide the specialized care your loved one with Alzheimer’s needs. We offer several different levels of care, from the Total Care plan to the Friendly Visit program, so you can choose the right fit for your family. Start the process of getting home care today by calling (888) 627-6047.

The Benefits of In-Home Care

When your loved one can no longer care for him or herself, what are your options? In the past, many families faced the difficult decision of putting a loved one in a nursing facility, but now, more people are choosing in-home care in Philadelphia. In-home care offers many benefits for both seniors and their loved ones, and the good news is that support services are available. Consider these advantages of choosing in-home elderly care for your loved one.

Familiar Surroundings

Leaving a treasured home can be very difficult on seniors. When you choose in-home care, your loved one gets to stay in the comfort of home, surrounded by memories, familiar neighbors, and his or her own belongings. Seniors who stay at home tend to experience less depression than seniors in nursing care facilities, and they also benefit from being isolated against the risk of infection that is inherent in group living situations.

Family Support

In-home care providers can give your loved one any kind of care he or she needs. If your loved one simply needs help with household duties, the care provider can cook meals, do housework, and help with errands. If your loved one needs specialized care, such as disabilities care, then your caregiver can provide that. Assistance with personal care is also available. For the family, this means that you always have support in making sure your loved one’s needs are being met and that you can relax knowing that he or she is in good hands when you can’t be around.

No Visitation Restrictions

When your loved one moves to a senior facility, there may be restrictions on when family and friends can visit. With in-home care, you can visit your loved one any time and stay for as long as you like without interference.

Let Home Helpers make in-home care a reality for your loved one. We can help you select the right level of care for your family’s needs, from our Flexi-Rest program for respite care to our Total Care plan and Friendly Visit program. Get more information today by calling (888) 627-6047.

A Brief Look at Our Care Check Service

Your elderly loved one deserves the same level of care from a professional caregiver as he would receive from his own family members. That is why Home Helpers has a Care Check System to ensure that each of our employees is qualified to provide exceptional home care in Philadelphia.

Allowing someone to come into your home and look after your loved one is a commitment of trust. We know how important it is to have a skilled caregiver present to address your family member’s personal care needs. Before letting any of our home care professionals provide our services, we conduct a thorough background evaluation. Even after we place a caregiver, we continue to observe how she and your loved one interact. Our ultimate goal is to give you peace of mind and your loved one safety and comfort.

Experience the benefits of having a capable and thoughtful caregiver in your home. Call Home Helpers today at (888) 627-6047 to learn more about our Care Check System. We can also explain our many home care options for you and your family.

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