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Understanding Sundowning

Specialized home care providers can offer essential assistance for Alzheimer’s patients who suffer from sundowning. Sundowning can lead to serious confusion and agitation in the afternoon and evening.

If your loved one has Alzheimer’s, you can greatly benefit from disabilities care and home care. Professional disabilities care providers have years of experience assisting individuals with dementia symptoms and can ensure that your loved one feels safe and comfortable at all times. Sundowning can be very disruptive and upsetting, both for an Alzheimer’s sufferer and for his or her loved ones. Sundowning can bring major changes in how your loved one acts, making them feel irritable, suspicious, agitated, restless, and extremely disoriented. A total care plan is designed to soothe Alzheimer’s patients and help alleviate mood swings. A care check system during the afternoons can offer invaluable assistance, as some Alzheimer’s patients will become angry and even begin yelling or screaming.

If you live in the Philadelphia area and have a loved one who suffers from Alzheimer’s, contact Home Helpers by calling (215) 334-2600. We offer comprehensive disabilities care in Downingtown for individuals who suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Treating Depression in Elderly Patients

Home care can take many forms, including providing extra support to seniors who suffer from depression. Watch this video to learn more about how depression is treated in elderly patients.

Experts often advise home care providers to be especially vigilant for signs of depression in seniors. Depression affects up to 40% of seniors. Programs like a total care plan provide comprehensive medical care and support for seniors, while friendly visit programs can offer invaluable opportunities for social interaction.

Whether your loved one needs comprehensive home care in Drexel Hill or you simply want to learn more about our friendly visit programs, contact Home Helpers of Philadelphia at (215) 334-2600 today.

Raising Awareness About Medication Side Effect Risks for Seniors

Administering medication properly is one of the most important aspects of senior personal care. As you age, you are significantly more likely to be on one or even several different types of prescription medications. These medications are often essential to helping manage serious health conditions, from heart disease to diabetes or Alzheimer’s. However, some medications can have unexpected and even dangerous side effects. Read on to learn how diabetes medications, anti-anxiety drugs, pain relievers, and hormone supplements could harm seniors.

Diabetes Medications

As diabetes care providers know, some medications that treat diabetes also come with some serious side effects. Diabetes is a condition where patients suffer from rapid spikes and drops in their blood sugar. While medications including glyburide and chlorpropamide can be effective in younger patients, they sometimes cause severe low blood sugar in seniors.

Anti-Anxiety Drugs

A total care plan helps seniors who suffer from anxiety or depression. However, caretakers should be wary of Valium, Xanax, and prescription sleeping pills like Ambien. In elderly adults, these drugs can cause confusion, increase the risk of falls, and cause extended periods of grogginess.

Pain Relievers

A care check system should also take careful note of opioid pain relievers that a senior might be taking. Medications like Demerol and Talwin are narcotic analgesics. These powerful painkillers have caused confusion, falls, seizures, and hallucinations in some seniors, which is why it’s important to learn about potential side effects.

Hormone Supplements

Estrogen pills and patches are frequently prescribed to alleviate symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes. However, estrogen has also been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer and dementia. Make sure to check with your senior loved one’s physician if she plans to take these supplements.

Home Helpers is proud to offer comprehensive senior personal care and in-home elderly care throughout Philadelphia. For superior and compassionate in-home medical or non-medical care, look no further than our experienced providers. Call us at (215) 334-2600 to learn more.

How Seniors Benefit from Companionship from an In-Home Caregiver

In-home elderly care is about much more than personal care, medication assistance, and homemaker services. When you hire an in-home caregiver, you are ensuring that your senior loved one has invaluable friendship and support that can help contribute to a healthy lifestyle. An experienced and compassionate home care professional can substantially improve your loved one’s quality of life. Read on to learn more about how seniors benefit from the companionship an in-home caregiver can offer, including household assistance, social support, and personal care.

Household Assistance

In-home elderly care companions provide your senior loved ones with invaluable help around the house. Just like a spouse or close family member or friend might, your in-home caregiver will take care of basic chores to make a senior’s life more manageable. In-home caregivers might go grocery shopping, prepare meals, pay bills, help with pet care, and fill out important forms and applications.

Social Support

When you invest in a total care plan, you can count on your loved one feeling comforted and supported. An in-home caregiver gives each senior the chance to have meaningful conversations. For seniors who are home bound, caregivers offer essential contact with the outside world. A caregiver can play cards or board games, read aloud, or take walks with your senior loved one. Caregivers can also help plan social outings.

Personal Care

A care check system also offers help with personal care. Just like any other close companion might, your in-home care provider can provide transportation to medical appointments and give medication reminders. Your care provider can also help your loved one get out of bed and select clothing for the day.

Do you want to learn more about in-home elderly care for a senior loved one near Lansdale? Contact Home Helpers today. You can visit our website to learn more about our services, including personal care, disabilities care, and the friendly visit program. You can also reach us by calling (215) 334-2600.

Why Mealtimes Are Challenging for Alzheimer's Patients

Patients with Alzheimer’s disease require specialized home care. A home care provider can offer assistance to help patients overcome challenges associated with mealtimes. For instance, Alzheimer’s patients may have physical limitations such as tremors, fatigue, and problems holding and using utensils. It can be very frustrating for an individual to have trouble with the planning and execution of the manipulation of eating utensils.

In addition, Alzheimer’s patients may find it difficult to eat in the midst of environmental distractions such as excessive noise or clutter, uncomfortable temperatures, or glare. Another common mealtime challenge is the loss of appetite. Alzheimer’s patients may no longer find it pleasurable to eat because of the side effects of medications. They may also have a reduced sense of taste or smell.

At Home Helpers, families in Lansdale will find the specialized home care services their loved ones need for better quality of life. Call us at (215) 334-2600 or visit us online to find out how we can help your family with our Total Care Plan and Care Check System.

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