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Recognizing the Signs That Your Parents Need In-Home Care

It can be a challenge to accept that your parents may not be as self-sufficient as they once were. However, even if your parents are experiencing more difficulties in older age, they do not necessarily need to leave their home. In many cases, in-home elderly care in Philadelphia can alleviate the issues that may be causing a decline in their quality of life. If you notice any of the following circumstances, it may be time to discuss with your parents the prospect of home care.

Drug Mix-Ups

Many older individuals have health conditions such as heart disease, arthritis, or type 2 diabetes that require daily medications. If your parents have been diagnosed with one or more of these conditions, they may need to take multiple drugs to manage their health. This responsibility can prove too great at times for some individuals, and they may inadvertently forget to take their medications or take incorrect dosages. Such incidents can be dangerous, so if your parents have experienced drug mix-ups in the past, they may require in-home elderly care.

Disheveled House

Medical conditions can also lead to chronic fatigue, diminished strength, and poor balance. These side effects can then make it difficult for your parents to attend to their everyday domestic needs, including taking out the garbage, washing the dishes, or vacuuming the carpet. If visits to your parents’ home reveal an increasingly disheveled environment, it may be because they haven’t the physical prowess to look after these tasks.

Minor Injuries

Home care can not only keep your parents’ house clean and neat, but also prevent them from carrying out chores that could result in harm to them. Many older individuals are reluctant to admit that they need assistance with the tasks that they once could do with ease. As a result, they may attempt certain household chores and suffer bumps and bruises because of them. Falls are especially common among the elderly, and under some circumstances, they can lead to fatal outcomes. You can help your parents remain safe in their home with the help of in-home elderly care.

Home Helpers can help your parents transition into home care. Our Friendly Visit Program can introduce them to our professional staff and demonstrate the benefits of in-home elderly care. For more information, call (888) 627-6047.

Tips for Choosing In-Home Alzheimer's Care Services

Alzheimer’s disease is a complex condition that affects both physical and cognitive health. Its impact can present in a myriad of ways, making appropriate home care in Philadelphia integral to the well-being of sufferers. If you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s, these suggestions can guide you toward in-home elderly care that suits your family’s needs.

Look for Specialized Home Care

Not all home care services are the same. In some cases, they may cater only to clients with physical ailments that limit their ability to take care of tasks such as making dinner or doing the laundry. However, Alzheimer’s can make it progressively difficult for sufferers to manage their personal care demands. As a result, they might require assistance when taking a bath or putting on their clothes. Alzheimer’s can also provoke behavioral changes that some home care professionals are not trained to handle. So when considering your home care choices, make sure that you select a company equipped to care for Alzheimer’s patients.

Ask for Credentials

Even if a home care company confirms that it can provide Alzheimer’s care, you may want to verify the credentials of the individual it assigns to your loved one. Knowing that the in-home elderly care professional who will be looking after your family member has gone through the requisite training for Alzheimer’s patients can give you peace of mind.

Meet with Your Home Care Professional

A home care specialist may have all the qualifications necessary to capably care for an Alzheimer’s patient. Credentials may at times not be enough, though. The changes that Alzheimer’s triggers in sufferers can make them more comfortable and responsive to some individuals in comparison to others. Personality can then play a significant role in how your family member copes while in the care of another person. If possible, ask your home care contact if the person assigned to your loved one can make a visit to your house. During this time, you can observe how your family member responds to better determine if that individual is right for your needs.

Home Helpers can help you create a supportive and stimulating environment for your loved one. To learn more about our services, including our Total Care Plan, call (888) 627-6047. For the ultimate well-being of our clients, each of our staff members goes through our Care Check System.

Spotlight on Our Friendly Visit Program

The desire to remain in one’s own home is strong. Yet even when you support a loved one’s decision to stay in his home, he may need occasional help for his own comfort and safety. That is why Home Helpers offers our Friendly Visit Program. In-home elderly care in Philadelphia makes it possible for older individuals to enjoy their senior years in a familiar and relaxing environment. However, we understand that some individuals may need more time to adjust to receiving specialized home care. Our Friendly Visit Program makes it easy for seniors to acclimate to getting home care by gently demonstrating what our associates can do for them. Whether it’s making dinner or doing the laundry, Home Helpers can make it easier to live at home and give older individuals the chance to see how beneficial our services can be.

Would you like to learn more about Home Helpers’ Friendly Visit Program? Then call us today at (215) 622-9274 for additional details on this service or our other home care options, including our Total Care Plan and Flexi-Rest Program. We offer specialized home care that caters to the needs of our clients.

Stay in Your Home with Home Helpers

Aging in place is a priority for many older individuals. With Home Helpers, you can receive specialized home care in Philadelphia so that you can stay in your home. This video demonstrates the benefits of using Home Helpers for your home care needs.

If you cannot move as quickly as you once did, or you now find it tiring to cook and clean, these changes do not mean that you must relocate to an assisted living facility. The home care experts of Home Helpers can assist with many home needs, including domestic and personal hygiene care.

Let Home Helpers help you enjoy your senior years in the comfort of your home. We offer comprehensive home care services, such as our Total Care Plan, and evaluate our associates through our Care Check System. For more information, call (215) 622-9274.

In-Home Care: What to Expect

Are you considering home care? If so, you may be wondering about what kind of services in-home elderly care in Philadelphia can provide. What might come as a pleasant surprise is that your home care can be exactly what you want. Whether you want someone to drop by only once a week to help with groceries, or you would prefer more comprehensive support for your bathing and grooming activities, you can get specialized home care that suits your comfort level and home safety needs.

Wellness Support

Many older individuals contend with progressive or chronic health conditions that require daily medication management. Taking these medications as directed is critical to wellness, but in many cases, the number of prescriptions and varying dosage recommendations can make it difficult to keep up with this daily task. With home care, you never again have to worry about making sure your medications are taken correctly. Especially with services such as RN assist, you can enjoy better health and wellness.

Domestic Assistance

Perhaps you have no trouble keeping track of your medication requirements. Instead, you find it difficult to take care of your more physically demanding home needs. Once conditions such as arthritis set in, trying to vacuum your carpets or wash your linens can become frustratingly painful activities. If you need domestic support, look no further than home care. In-home elderly care experts can attend to your cooking, cleaning, and washing needs so that you can relax and remain comfortable at home.

Personal Hygiene Help

A time may come when balance, mobility, and coordination issues challenge your ability to bathe and dress with ease. Should such difficulties present, personal care can help you look after these basic needs with the utmost professionalism and discretion. Home care associates not only have the training to properly handle the physical aspects of helping others safely and comfortably bathe or dress, but also come with the compassion and respect for others that make their services so invaluable to those who receive them.

Let Home Helpers help you age in place with comfort and dignity. Our carefully selected home care professionals offer a wide range of services such as our Friendly Check System and Total Care Plan. To find out how you too can benefit from these in-home elderly care options, call (215) 622-9274.

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