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A Look at In-Home Hospice Care

Hospice is a type of care used specifically for individuals who are terminally ill. While some families may choose to place their loved ones in hospice facilities, many people prefer to have this service provides in their homes. Hospice home care in Philadelphia allows patients and their family members to get qualified and compassionate support in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes.

Enabling Patient Comfort

Hospice home care acknowledges that the patient in need of it is no longer seeking active treatment for his condition. While measures to save or extend life are not necessary, in-home hospice care makes it a priority to ensure the highest level of comfort for patients. Pain can be a common issue with chronic or progressive diseases, which is why hospice home care makes it easy for families to get appropriate pain relief for their loved ones. Other services such as breathing assistance or emotional support may also be part of in-home hospice care.

Providing Inclusive Help

The professional caregivers that provide hospice home care have been carefully trained to address the unique needs of those at the end of their lives. These individuals come with comprehensive medical training to make sure that their efforts result in the physical and emotional ease of their patients. They can also help family members better understand the changes that may take place as a loved one nears death. Families can rest assured that regardless of time or day, they can reach out to their hospice home caregivers for assistance and support. While visit times may be designated in advance, in-home hospice care allows families to have the comprehensive support they need when they need it the most. Especially when a loved one is terminally ill, having a caring and competent professional looking after him can be of immense help and solace.

Would you like to learn more about the home care options that Home Helpers offers? Call (888) 627-6047. To make sure that your loved one receives appropriate in-home elderly care, we can provide RN assist services that identify his most immediate needs.

Developing a Care Plan for Your Loved One with Alzheimer's Disease

An Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis can be a life-changing event. It often necessitates the creation of a comprehensive and evolving care plan to help your loved one enjoy the highest quality of life possible. Personal care in Philadelphia can play a particularly prominent role in the life of your loved one as his condition progresses. As you decide how best to look after your family member’s needs, consider these factors:

Condition Management

Each person with Alzheimer’s disease contends with the gradual advancement of cognitive and physical complications. To help you and your loved one know what to expect as the disease progresses, it is important to establish a strong relationship with all of his physicians. They can inform you of anticipated changes in communication, behavior, and appearance. They might also provide medication that could temporarily ease symptoms. Speaking openly and frequently with your loved one’s medical team is integral to a sound care plan.

Family Support

With Alzheimer’s disease often comes the acknowledgement that other family members may need to take on caregiving duties. Circumstances such as distance, work, and other family obligations often determine the ways in which other loved ones can contribute to a family member’s care. Discussing with your family how each person can help is another essential factor in providing support to your loved one.

Home Care Assistance

Even the most capable family members may find it increasingly difficult to address the growing personal care needs that your loved one may have. As Alzheimer’s disease advances, it can leave sufferers needing bathing, dressing, and eating assistance. Specialized home care is often the most beneficial arrangement for families who want their loved ones to have the considerate and capable personal care they deserve. Getting in touch with a home care agency upon an Alzheimer’s diagnosis can provide you and your loved one with the professional support you need throughout this journey.

Home Helpers offers comprehensive home care, including our Total Care Plan, to help families effectively manage the needs of loved ones. To speak with a representative about our services, call (888) 627-6047. You can also visit our website to review our in-home elderly care options.

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Is Our Total Care Plan Right for Your Family?

Home Helpers provides specialized home care in Philadelphia because we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach to our clients simply does not work. The needs of our clients are both distinct and changeable, which can make it difficult for family members to effectively manage their home care requirements on their own. That is why we offer a Total Care Plan to help families plan for and coordinate the care of their loved ones. Home Helpers can prove the support system that families need, and our capable staff members can oversee the personal care of our clients even when their needs become more extensive. We can also help families get in touch with other professionals who specialize in home care to ensure the continued well-being of our clients.

Call Home Helpers today at (888) 627-6047 to speak with one of our associates about our in-home elderly care services. To find out more about our complete home care options, you can also visit our website. There you can find detailed information about our comprehensive services, ranging from our Friendly Visit Program to our Total Care Plan.

How Can Home Helpers Give Your Family Peace of Mind?

Older individuals must often contend with physical conditions that limit their mobility and compromise their safety. In-home elderly care in Philadelphia can provide support to seniors with these challenges.

This video demonstrates why so many families choose Home Helpers for their home care needs. For one, Home Helpers can ease the physical burdens that many seniors face. Our in-home elderly care services include meal preparation and domestic maintenance that may otherwise put our clients at risk for falls and other accidents. Two, Home Helpers staffs consummate professionals that are attentive to and considerate of our clients.

Would you like more information about Home Helpers? Call (888) 627-6047 to learn more about our many service options, including our Friendly Visit Program and Flexi-Rest Program.

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