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What Causes Lack of Appetite in Seniors?

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With older age comes decreased taste sensation, which can make it challenging for seniors to eat as often or as nutritiously as they should. While reduced appetite is not always a symptom of physical or mental distress, a lack of interest in eating may be a problem for some seniors.

Many older individuals must contend with chronic disease, which often requires medication. However, these prescriptions can have the unwanted side effect of suppressing appetite. The disease itself can also affect eating habits. Both thyroid dysfunction and oral cancers can change the frequency and intensity of food cravings. Conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease can also affect a senior’s ability to making his own meals or even recognize hunger. Under some circumstances, sadness, loneliness, or depression can likewise make an older person less inclined to eat as needed for his health and well-being.

Are you worried about your senior’s eating habits when you’re not with him? Home Helpers in Philadelphia, PA provides meal preparation services as part of our personal care and in-home support program. Call us today at (855) 241-4724 to speak with an associate about our senior assistance options.

Coping with Major Depression in Seniors

Is your elderly loved one eating less or becoming more irritable? If so, he or she may be suffering from depression. This video reports on the high occurrence of depression among seniors.

Though people of all ages can experience depression, it is especially common among older individuals. Significant life changes such as chronic illness and spousal death can leave seniors without the independence and companionship they once had. Such circumstances can trigger emotional distress and increase the risk of depression. In some cases, it is up to friends and family members to recognize the signs of depression and seek help for their loved ones.

Home Helpers offers the Friendly Visit Program for Philadelphia, PA seniors. To learn more about how our in-home care services can support the needs of your elderly loved one, call (855) 241-4724.

How to Help Your Senior Loved One Beat Holiday Stress

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For seniors who may not often see their friends and family, the holidays can provide ample opportunities to connect with loved ones. Yet the hustle and bustle of the season can leave some older individuals feeling anxious. To ensure that your elder is physically and emotionally healthy all season long, keep these holiday wellness tips in mind:


The sudden increase in social activities and obligations can make even the healthiest and most energetic individuals feel fatigued. If your senior suffers from a condition such as arthritis or heart failure that already limits his energy reserves, make regular rest a priority for him over the holidays. Not only should he get at least eight hours of sleep each night, but you may also want to limit the time spent at holiday functions. Even an hour or two of being around a crowd of people can be exhausting to an older person, so give your senior the opportunity to exit early if he appears tired.

Nutritious Diet

A busier holiday schedule can mean fewer chances to eat at regular intervals, which may cause increased stress in seniors. A calendar full of holiday parties and gatherings might also lead to snacking on high-fat, high-sodium, and high-sugar foods that create extreme energy highs and lows. To keep your elderly loved one healthy throughout the holiday season, make sure that he sticks to his normal eating schedule. While the occasional indulgence may be okay, limit his access to sugary, salty, and fatty treats.


Many seniors have extended families filled with children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren for whom they may feel obligated to purchase holiday gifts. Financial stress is a common concern around the holidays, but for older individuals with limited monetary funds, it can cause great anxiety. So before your senior begins his holiday shopping, sit down with him and create a reasonable budget that he can use to guide his purchase choices and stay stress-free this holiday season.

Do you need senior care assistance this holiday season? Let Home Helpers take care of your loved one when you shop, go to work, or attend to other family members. Call (855) 241-4724 to find out more about our in-home care options for Philadelphia, PA families.

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Tips for Traveling with Seniors with Special Health Needs

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Both airports and highways typically see an increase in traffic during the holiday season. With millions of people traveling across the country to see their loved ones, travel conditions can quickly become congested and frustrating for even the most seasoned travelers. So if you intend to take a trip with a senior parent or spouse, the key to a safe and successful journey is making sure that you address your loved one’s health needs ahead of time.


Seniors may need additional time to physically move from one location to another. Airports in particular can be stressful for seniors who require cane or walker assistance, so give your elder plenty of time to get to your gate. Many airports provide special transport services for older individuals, so you may want to inquire about their options for seniors. Some airlines also give priority check-in, security screenings, and boarding for elderly passengers to help your senior move through the airport with greater ease.


When preparing for a flight or car ride, make sure to have all necessary medications close at hand. Never check with your luggage or store in the truck prescriptions that your senior may need while en route to your destination. If certain medications must be kept refrigerated, pack them in a cooler for safe transport. Also, check with your airport about its security screening practices. Medications may need to undergo more extensive examinations, which means that they should be readily available and secured in appropriate containers.


Both cars and airplanes can quickly become too cramped for your senior’s liking, so consider ahead of time how sitting in the same position or place might affect your loved one’s comfort. If possible, reserve an airplane seat that allows for more space or easy access to the restrooms. When traveling by car, you may want to map out regular rest stops where your senior can get out of the vehicle to walk and stretch for a few minutes before resuming your trip.

Home Helpers can help your senior stay safe in his home. Our elderly care services offer in-home support to assist your loved one with his personal hygiene, household, and eating needs. For more information, call our Philadelphia, PA office at (855) 241-4724.

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