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    Home Helpers Hosts the "12 Days of Holidays" for Sterling Heights Residents in Bethlehem, PA

    Last updated 6 months ago

    Dear Friend of Home Helpers and Sterling Heights,

    Home Helpers is hosting its first ever “12 Days of Holidays” for the residents at Sterling Heights during the month of December. Our goal is to have 12 days of gifts to provide the residents. Many of the residents have family that live out of state or far away, so we’d like to be able to be their surrogate family and brighten their holiday season.

    On behalf of Home Helpers and Sterling Heights, we would like to ask you for donations to help our cause. Examples of donations are gift cards/certificates, a free service, or gift baskets. This is a great opportunity to spread the word about your services as well, so include any marketing material!

    Please feel free to contact Lauren Everett at 610-838-7494 with any questions regarding donations. We thank you in advance for considering our request!

    Please email Lauren Everett so we can have an initial idea of how many donors to expect. The information that needs to be included in the email is listed below. This must be sent by Friday, November 1st

    *Send an email (Subject: 12 Days of Holidays Donation Form) to with the below information included:

    Type of Donation

    Company Name

    Contact Name

    Phone Number

    Email Address


    All items must be turned into Louise in the Activities Department at Sterling Heights by Tuesday, November 26th at the address below.

    3500 Fairview Street, Bethlehem, PA 18017



    Take a Closer Look Behind The Ruby Run with the Daughters of the Event's Honorees

    Last updated 6 months ago

    The Ruby Run will take place this Saturday, October 26th, in Rose Tree Park. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

    Click here for more information and for a schedule of the day's events.

    "Your staff are so great to work with and you make everything effortless and comfortable for our families"

    Last updated 6 months ago

    • on Customer Testimonial
    • Friday, 10/18 will be my last day with Chestnut Ridge. Cynthia will be taking over in the Interim, and she will continue to refer Home Helpers out to our residents who are in need of your services. Your staff are so great to work with and you make everything effortless and comfortable for our families. It has been wonderful to work with... More

      Michele Strum

    How to Help Seniors Remain Socially Active and Engaged

    Last updated 6 months ago

    Social interactions are an important component of maintaining mental health at any age. Many studies have demonstrated the vast benefits of maintaining a social circle for seniors. The caregivers at Home Helpers provide the care, companionship, and assistance needed to help seniors remain socially active and engaged.

    Maintain Friendships

    As the saying goes, “friendship is a two-way street.” As you age, do your part to maintain your close friendships by contacting friends and engaging them in activities. Today, cell phones and social media sites make it easier than ever to remain in touch with friends who live far away. If you aren’t familiar with current technology, many social centers and libraries provide classes for seniors to learn how to use the internet to keep in touch with others.

    Work or Volunteer

    Many friends are made in the workplace. Retired seniors often consider going back to work part-time or even volunteering for a cause they support. These activities help you to feel mentally and emotionally fulfilled while also allowing you to meet and engage with new people to expand your social circle.

    Offer Assistance to Family

    If your family lives close by, offer assistance such as babysitting or cooking family dinners to maintain healthy social activity. You will connect further with your family and might even get some exercise chasing your grandchildren around the house!

    Consider a Caregiver

    If you live alone, consider the benefits of an in-home caregiver or companion. Caregivers do not necessarily need to provide care services; in many cases, caregivers serve solely as companions to keep you mentally and socially engaged. You will have someone close at hand with whom you can speak, play games, and enjoy outings.

    At Home Helpers, we have been offering non-medical in-home care and companionship to seniors in Philadelphia since 1997. Our carefully-selected caregivers are dedicated to the health and wellness of each of our clients and their families. Click through our website or call (855) 241-4724 for more information about our services.

    Recognizing the Symptoms of Depression in Your Aging Parents

    Last updated 6 months ago

    Depression is a serious illness that affects many seniors, but it is not a normal part of aging. Many seniors who feel depressed are hesitant to discuss their emotions, leading to undiagnosed depression and continued suffering. Recognizing the signs of depression in an aging loved one can help you seek care to address it and improve your parent’s quality of life.

    Many seniors tend to sleep less than they did in their younger years. Depression has been linked with sleep problems such as insomnia, which may result in even less sleep that causes feelings of fatigue. In many cases, the feelings and emotions of depression also cause listlessness and fatigue as well. If your parent constantly complains he is tired or that moving and participating in activities is “not worth the effort,” it could be a symptom of depression.

    Loss of Interest

    Feelings of depression often cause a loss of interest in living life to the fullest. Your parent may no longer appear interested in the activities he once enjoyed. He may also pass up opportunities to spend time with friends or loved ones whose company he once enjoyed. Additionally, many seniors suffering from depression lose interest in eating as well. A loss of appetite or significant decrease in weight with no medical cause may also be a warning sign that your parent is feeling depressed.

    Sadness and Loss of Self-Worth

    While some feelings of sadness over disappointing circumstances are normal, intense, prolonged sadness is a sign of deeper depression. Seniors suffering from depression may also express a loss of self-worth. A parent who belittles his own worth, encourages you to ignore him, or worries about being a burden could be suffering from depression.

    If you are worried about the health and mental wellness of your aging parents, consider the benefits of in-home care. Contact Home Helpers of Philadelphia by calling (855) 241-4724 to learn more about how we can provide the care and assistance your loved ones need to maintain a healthy and fulfilling life at home. Visit our website for more information about our range of elderly care services.

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