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    Our Mission at Home Helpers

    Last updated 8 months ago

    When you use Home Helpers for your elderly loved one’s needs, you have at your service a team of professional caregivers who provide secure, compassionate, and personalized care. Our mission is to give in-home care that facilitates a high quality of life for each patient and those that attend to them. If you are a caregiver, you understand how comprehensive the needs of an older loved one can be. In some cases, those needs may warrant a move to an assisted living facility—unless the elderly care you require can be given at home. Home Helpers can offer the crucial companionship and support your loved one needs to remain as independent as possible. We also make sure that each of our caregivers has the necessary expertise and bedside manner to ensure the highest level of care for your loved one.


    Are you interested in finding out more about the senior care services that Home Helpers provides? Call us at (855) 241-4724 to speak with a representative about our senior assistance programs. We also encourage Philadelphia, Drexel Hill, and Lansdale residents to visit our website for additional details.

    Understanding the Risk Factors of a Stroke

    Last updated 8 months ago

    A Stroke can cause widespread disability in those that suffer from it. In worse cases, it can lead to death. Though this devastating condition often affects older individuals, it is highly preventable across all demographics when measures are taken to stop it. Knowing the risk factors of a stroke can help save your life, or the life of someone you love.


    Elevated Cholesterol Levels

    Cholesterol is an essential substance for healthy cellular function, but the body produces all of the cholesterol that it requires for cells. As a result, cholesterol consumed through meals can facilitate the buildup of plaque on the arterial walls. When the arteries suffer from plaque accumulation, they can no longer pass blood easily. Arterial passageways may become more narrow and rigid. As the collection of plaque increases, so does the risk of a total blockage or rupture that could cause a stroke.


    Weight Issues

    High cholesterol and weight issues often present together. The foods that typically contain unhealthy cholesterol, including baked goods and processed meats, normally have a high calorie content as well. As a person gains weight, it becomes harder for the heart to effectively pump blood throughout the body. If cholesterol is also an issue, it can further complicate the attempts of the cardiovascular system to provide oxygen-rich blood to organs such as the brain.


    Sedentary Habits

    The cardiovascular system needs regular exercise to maintain optimal function. When the body performs little rigorous activity, it can weaken the cardiovascular system. If the heart cannot pump blood as necessary, or the arterial walls lose their flexibility, blood clots can form and the arteries can rupture. Either circumstance can lead to a stoppage of blood to the brain, which causes a stroke to happen.


    Are you worried that your loved one could suffer a stroke or other serious health problem while at home alone? Home Helpers can provide the peace of mind you want and the safety support your loved one needs. For more information on the senior assistance services we offer for Philadelphia and Drexel Hill residents, call us at (855) 241-4724.

    Home Helpers Success Story: We're Here For You Whenever You Need Us!

    Last updated 8 months ago

    Peggy called Home Helpers Tuesday evening about getting some help for her mom, Mrs. A, who’d fallen and broken her wrist.  Mrs. A lives in an assisted living community and suffers from anxiety; Peggy was told by the nurses in the community to call some agencies about getting some additional assistance for her mom.  Before calling us, Peggy said she called a few other companies who didn’t even answer the phone after 5pm.  When she called Home Helpers that evening, she was so thankful to speak with our team member, Kim, who was able to immediately get her in touch with an owner who could answer her questions and start the process of putting in place the care she needed for her mom.  Peggy felt confident that we’d be there for Mrs. A on Wednesday morning; as promised, Mrs. A is receiving the extra support she needs to remain as independent as possible in her home. 

    When talking this morning with one of our nurses, Peggy extended her gratitude to our whole company, stating that “what we do matters.”


    Home Helpers is proud to help our clients -  whenever they need us!

    Tips on How to Preserve the Quality of Life for Your Aging Parent

    Last updated 8 months ago

    Taking care of an elderly parent requires attention to their financial, physical, and emotional needs. In this video, you will learn about how to preserve the quality of life for your aging parent.


    While your parent is still capable of making their own decisions, now is a great time to discuss their will and power of attorney wishes. You should also talk about their ability to remain at home, and if they want to stay in their own house, how elderly care can help. Senior care can provide you with the time you need to attend to other areas of your life. A home care service can also give your parent the chance to socialize and bond with others.


    Home Helpers offers comprehensive in-home care services for families in the greater Philadelphia area. Call us today at (855) 241-4724 for more information on our senior assistance options.

    Home Helpers Promises to be There For You No Matter What the Weather May Bring!

    Last updated 8 months ago

    It's been extremely cold, wet and frozen in the Philadelphia area lately. While most businesses have closed their doors so that the employees don't have to travel in these conditions, the Home Helpers employees are doing the exact opposite!

    Pictured below is one of our caregivers, Natalie. While on her way to a client's home this morning, her car got stuck in the snow. Instead of thinking about herself and how she was going to get her car out, she suited up and WALKED the rest of the way to her client's house to make sure she was there for any situations that required her help.

    Natalie is the perfect example of how Home Helpers will go above and beyond for our clients. We are proud to have all of our caregivers on the Home Helpers team, and they are the reason we are the premier home care agency in the Philadelphia area. Thank you for your dedication this morning, Natalie!

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