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    Signs of Parkinson's disease in Seniors

    Last updated 6 months ago

    Neurological dysfunction can occur at any age, but elderly individuals often suffer from this problem. Parkinson’s disease is just one of several conditions that frequently afflict those of advanced age. Though a progressive ailment, Parkinson’s disease can be managed well with early detection and treatment. That is why loved ones of seniors are encouraged to become familiarized with the signs of this problem.

    Coordination Issues

    Elderly individuals are prone to slip and fall accidents for many reasons. Some might suffer harm due to compromised vision that prevents them from seeing obstacles. Others may have generally poor muscle strength that makes it difficult to move with ease. However, Parkinson’s disease can contribute to coordination problems as well. If a loved one experiences several slip and fall accidents within a relatively short amount of time, it may be due to developing Parkinson’s symptoms.

    Movement Difficulty

    Parkinson’s disease hampers smooth motor function. As a result, individuals with it may find it increasingly more challenging to move. Beginning motion, such as being able to lift oneself from a chair or couch, can be difficult. Elderly people with Parkinson’s disease can also suffer from delays in the walking process. 

    Body Shakes

    Loved ones of seniors should take seriously any change that brings on shaking episodes. Parkinson’s disease can cause a sufferer to move his face, feet, or hands without intent. This sign of the condition may present most prominently when an elderly friend or family member is not in active motion. Instead, he may be watching television or reading while his limbs or head experience tremors. As with any of the other symptoms of this disease, body shakes indicate a need for medical attention and treatment.

    Individuals with Parkinson’s disease may require assistance with their daily tasks and medication requirements. Home Helpers can provide the consistent and capable help that Parkinson’s disease sufferers need. For additional information on how our Philadelphia senior care options can help your elderly loved one, call (855) 241-4724 or click here to learn more about our services.

    Vitamins Every Senior Needs

    Last updated 7 months ago

    Well-balanced eating habits are important for your health. However, seniors may sometimes need to take vitamin supplements to make up for certain deficiencies in their diets. Iron in particular is important for elderly individuals. Iron plays an instrumental role in providing each cell in the body with the oxygen it needs to function properly. Without enough iron, seniors may find it difficult to be as active as they would like. Taking iron supplements can boost energy levels and bolster cognitive function. Osteoporosis is a common problem among the senior population. A loss of bone mass can make it easy for elderly individuals to suffer back and hip fractures. A calcium supplement can help to ward off this problem. Given that vitamin D helps in calcium absorption, it too can be highly beneficial in supplement form.

    Does your elderly loved one take daily vitamins and medications? Home Helpers can see to it that he receives the supplements and drugs he needs as recommended. Call our Philadelphia office today at (855) 241-4724 to speak with an associate about our senior care services.

    Home Helpers Lansdale Adopts Three Families from Manna on Main Street

    Last updated 7 months ago

    At the Home Helpers Lansdale office, we adopted three families from Manna on Main Street, a food pantry and soup kitchen dedicated to helping families in need in the northern Pennsylvania area. Two of the families each had one son, and the third family had two girls. We purchased all the toys and games they requested, as well as clothes, pajamas and some stocking stuffers for each child. Each family also received gift cards to Target and the Metropolitan restaurant. Office staff members Rachel and Natalie played Santa Claus on Sunday and dropped off the brightly wrapped gifts to each family.

    This has become a welcome tradition that we look forward to each year in the Home Helpers  Lansdale office. We are so glad to help others throughout the year, but giving back during the holiday season is just FANTASTIC!

    Gifts we passed out to our adopted families

    Join Us for Our Holiday Open House on December 17th!

    Last updated 7 months ago

    Home Helpers will be celebrating the holidays on Tuesday, December 17th from 10am - 5pm. Light refreshments will be served and we'll also be doing a raffle. Everyone is invited and we hope to see you there!

    How to Prevent Winter Falls

    Last updated 7 months ago

    Winter in Philadelphia often means inches or even feet of snow and ice on the ground for months at a time. While a common part of the local landscape, it can also lead to dangerous slip and fall incidents. Due to their unsteady coordination and weakened muscles, seniors in particular can be susceptible to accidents of this sort. By keeping in mind the following suggestions, though, older individuals can largely prevent wintertime falls.

    Keep Walkways Clear

    A task as simple as retrieving the mail can result in an emergency trip to the hospital. Winter temperatures can rise and fall by several degrees between day and night, causing fallen snow to melt and refreeze as ice. In some cases, ice accumulation may not be readily apparent, misleading seniors into thinking that it is safe to use their walkways. The only sure way to prevent falls, though, is to clear all outdoor walkways of precipitation. Having a neighbor or family member shovel accumulation can prevent painful and even fatal accidents.

    Use Assistance When Traveling by Foot

    Seniors do not necessarily have to remain indoors during the winter, but they should take the necessary precautions when they venture outside. Whether they aim to take a stroll around the block or make a trip to the corner store, elderly individuals should use assistance when necessary. A walker or cane may suffice under some circumstances. Seniors with significant coordination issues may require additional help, such as a steady arm from a friend or family member.

    Put On Winter-Appropriate Footwear

    Having shoes that can provide suitable traction against slick mounds of snow and ice is important for elderly individuals. Seniors should wear footwear that grips the ground with each step. They should also look for shoes that can support their lower extremities to avoid accidents that may cause twisted or broken ankles.

    Home Helpers offers caring and capable senior assistance for elderly individuals in the greater Philadelphia region. If you have an older family member who needs help with his yard maintenance, grocery shopping, or other household duties, we can help. Call (855) 241-4724 to find out more about our wide range of home care services.

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